What you should not do at your exhibition stand

What you should not do at your exhibition stand

If your organisation is soon to exhibition and you have a team of staff involved in various activities at your exhibition stand, you need to ensure that they are well trained, know what they are doing and helping visitors with any enquiries.

As trade shows are full of people you want to reach out to and promote your services, there are many opportunities to shine. However, that could all go up in smoke if your staff are not well behaved or they have little knowledge of your products. It may damage your reputation for many months or years to come.

It could be best to start with a list of what not to do and below we have listed the main things to be aware of, and train your staff to avoid:

  1. Don’t drink at your stand. This is a definite No – and could be illegal. For visitors to be exposed to have alcohol fumes breathed at them usually means they will never deal with you – and if anyone is drunk at your stand it will destroy your reputation. This also includes drinking just before the exhibition – leave that till after if you have to.
  2. Don’t eat food at your booth. It looks unprofessional and no serious prospect will deal with a company that allows its staff to eat on the job – especially if it’s hot spicy garlic food, whether there or the night before. There are canteens that provide food at lunch and during breaks and they are unlikely to sell food that is offensive to customers.
  3. This is another one that deals with what goes in the mouth! Don’t chew gum or anything else- it’s distracting to many people and looks unprofessional. Actually, it’s rude especially when you are talking to someone.
  4. Don’t block entry to your stand or look like guards on duty
  5. Don’t use high pressure sales tactics. Go for soft sell
  6. Don’t stand in groups chatting because you will look unapproachable and prospects will walk away
  7. Don’t pounce on every visitor like a cat

If you are looking to exhibit and need help creating your display stands and putting out your messages, contact us at http://www.jdjwestern.co.uk/ for help.

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