What are your goals for your next exhibition?

What are your goals for your next exhibition?

In your plans for your next exhibition, it’s important that you set objectives and goals that will give you focus and maximise your returns.

At this stage you will set the pre-show, at show and after the show strategies you will implement for your promotions, materials, graphics and everything else you will need to achieve your goals.

Your plan will help you identify your target demographics and familiarise yourself with them, because without this, you cannot possibly set targeted goals. You should understand the reasons for their interests in your goods or services and their reasons for visiting your exhibition stand and what they expect to gain. So you should define your ideal customers and create a persona and this will help you create a strategy to reach them effectively and at low cost.

Your staff will play the most critical role in helping you achieve your goals. That means they should be well trained and instructed and should be equipped with all the tools they need to be effective. They should be highly knowledgeable of your products or services and be ready to answer any questions or comments that are directed at them. Equipped with all this, they will be highly motivated and will be your best brand evangelists.

You should plan ahead and implement your pre-show training program for your staff that covers all areas like appearance, your brand, products, manners, business philosophy and ethics.

Have a goal to follow up on leads you have made at the trade show. The most popular and effective techniques are phone follow up, visiting in person and through mailing or email. You should ensure that your follow up is clearly defined before the event and all staff that are responsible for this should be assigned early.

Make notes during the event, because these will help you set more relevant goals for your next events. This is like a lesson learned document that you can refer to and determine what you will do differently next time.

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