Shall Scheme Graphics

Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell Scheme Print & Graphic Panels

Shell display systems can be finished in many formats, usually an aluminum or white frame combined with various styles of joining panels. Gray, blue or black fabrics for attaching and pinning to, white foamex boards for a clean neutral finish and colourful shell scheme graphics for creating highly attractive spaces.

Shell scheme graphic panels are a powerful tool when communicating your business and marketing messages. Large surface areas combined with state of the art printing techniques often deliver a higher return on investment. Vivid colour and large formatting create a wow factor instantly. Whether you are an exhibitor or an event organiser the impact of exhibition shell prints is obvious to see.

As an exhibitor, increase the chances of converting passers-by into enquiries by attracting their attention with beautifully printed images, punchy key messages and impressive facts about your product or business. With only a short window to attract potential new customers and clients the importance of a well designed display is key.

Why not use our professional designers to assist in preparing your existing artwork or even creating new designs for your stands. Once designed our graphic panels are all printed in house by our trained and experienced repro team, using high quality materials and state of the art UV based print equipment. Contact JDJ Western today to discuss more about the advantages of shell panel printing.

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