Sales Promotion Tactics at Trade Shows

Sales Promotion Tactics at Trade Shows

Sales promotional activities are playing an increasingly important role in business to business (B2B) promotional mixes. They encompass a wide range of tactics including trade shows, catalogues, trade sales promotion activities such as merchandise allowances, display, sales contests, buy back allowances and many other methods.

B2B marketers go to great lengths and significant expense to provide catalogues their products to business customers. Although catalogues are not as effective as trade show interactions, they help customers to refer the seller’s catalogues to determine prices, specifications, terms of sale, delivery times and other information. So they help buyers to decide which supplier to choose and a trade show is a good and cheap place to distribute them from.

One major benefit of trade shows as a sales promotion vehicle is that they are effective at making many customer contacts in a short space of time. Recent research among B2B marketers found that they allocate 25% of their annual promotional budget to trade shows and they do this to communicate with their customers and prospects, to:

  • promote their brand image
  • introduce new product innovations
  • meet key account executives
  • develop their mailing lists
  • identify sales prospects
  • And to find out what their competitors are up to.

Although trade shows usually take second place to personal selling in B2B markets, they rank above print promotion in influencing purchases, especially when the buyer reaches the stage of need recognition and supplier assessment.

However, many businesses that take part in trade shows lack clear sales and marketing objectives regarding what they want to achieve. Businesses with targets are usually the most successful at trade shows and they carefully select the shows they want to take part in based on their objectives

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