Exhibition Objective: Build Relationships at Your Display Stand

Exhibition Objective: Build Relationships at Your Display Stand

Building relationships with customers and prospects should be one of the top goals of any business. The cost of finding new customers too high and its often said that it takes at least seven encounters before a prospect becomes a customer. So, convincing people to do business with you for the first time is often difficult and requires patience.

On the other hand, if you have built a relationship with your customers and they are favourable towards your business and products, it makes your strategy more effective and costs you less overall.

An exhibition event is one of the best places to meet new potential clients and reinforce the relationship you have with your existing clients. It affords you opportunity to connect with your clients and customers and is a cost effective way to demonstrate your products and services better than traditional and media.

Many businesses know that there is value in taking part in trade shows and events and will hire an experienced team of contractors to design their display stands.

Here are two tips on how to build relationships at exhibitions:

Tell a story with your exhibition display stand

Use your display stand to engage with visitors by sharing your company’s stories and experiences. You can do that by breaking up your main message into different parts around your stall. This is like a treasure hunt and lets your visitors discover each aspect of your products as they move around.


The truth is you can’t build a relationship with someone if you don’t treat them like an individual. Of course you can’t create special displays for each person but you can ensure you provide them with a unique experience by dealing with each visitor directly and taking the time to understand their needs and tailor a specific solution.

Let us help you create the right impression at your next event and build a relationship with your customers. You can reach us here http://www.jdjwestern.co.uk/

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