Exhibition Display Panels Hire

Exhibition Display Panel Hire Services

Affordable & Flexible Poster Display Boards and Stands

JDJ Western recognised that exhibitions often require specific poster display areas. For that reason we developed our own free standing panel system. Easy to assemble, clean, and contemporary, we designed a poster panel system that clicks together, is available to hire in blue or grey and is Velcro compatible or accepts pins.

The panels have a discrete rigid metal frame that makes them less susceptible to damage during storage and transit, and they are lightweight and therefore easy to position exactly where you want. They can be installed individually, or linked together to make a continuous display wall. A great addition to any exhibition.

Poster display stands are a fantastic way to affordably and quickly create adaptable event spaces and exhibition boards. Our display panels and poster boards are stylish, functional and easy to use. Get in touch today to find out more about our display panel hire.

Call 01443 239 486 today to speak to one of our helpful sales team and get a quote to hire an exhibition display system.

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