Branded Merchandise to promote your exhibition stand display

Branded Merchandise to promote your exhibition stand display

Some companies don’t mind using cheap promotional pens and pads and plastic toys to their exhibition stand, but for any business that is serious about making a good impression, quality brand merchandise is important. It helps to boost your brand and connect with your clients and increase sales.

Clear Objectives

Before any design and production of merchandise for your exhibition, you should define measurable objectives. These should include how many customers you want to reach, how many sign ups to your newsletters and more, and then you should set out how you will achieve that. This should include details of your merchandise and the cost and how they will be used to achieve your objectives.

Merchandise Cost

First thing to do is get a cost of the manufacturing before you make the decision to get them produced. You should shop around and read supplier reviews and assess the quality from different suppliers. Then get a few quotes and look at the services that come with your merchandise, like speed of delivery, cost of delivery and lead times. The supplier with the lowest cost per unit is not necessarily the cheapest.


If you have the time and the money, you should test your merchandise on a few of your trusted clients and see what their response will be. You should send your gift items to existing customers and some prospects and track the outcomes to assess their response or lack of. You can also give out some of them at networking events, conferences and meetings and whenever you get an opportunity to meet your target audience.

For smaller items like promotional pens, you can mail them to some customers that are in your database as part of any orders or as a gift or leave them on a counter for them to collect.

With this information, you will be able to plan effectively for your next major trade or consumer show and make a big impact at your exhibition stand.

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